so... we found out last week that we have to work ten hours every day until the end of the month, at least. and they're making us work pretty much every friday night (our saturday shift on midnights). so i decided to take the night off because this schedule is exhausting me. my supervisor scoffed when i told them i'm fatigued... funny though, because they took sunday off two weeks ago because they had "food poisoning" when in reality they had celebrated their birthday the night before and had a hangover. oh, and they had allergies. they called off because they had "food poisoning" and allergies. but i get ridiculed for taking one night off, despite the fact that i've only worked the midnight shift for two weeks after abruptly switching from mornings which is fucking up my sleep schedule, ESPECIALLY since now we're working 50 hours BEFORE mandatory friday nights, and i work an extremely hectic job where there's only one of me to help 10+ people at once. so i think asking for a day off isn't farfetched. whatever.


WOW it's been awhile. okay. i finally got my promotion and i'm on the midnight shift. i really like it, it's great, but tonight was so overwhelming and exhausting... oh yeah, we're back to working saturdays again, which is great. but yeah that's really all that's happened as of late. my first week on the midnight shift is officially over! i'd like to say that i'm going to work on my website this weekend, but i'm not going to make any promises anymore...