Franz Ferdinand shrine

i've been listening to their music for nearly a decade now, but i've only really gotten into them last year thanks to my twin. their music is really great! they've been effortlessly blending alternative rock with pop influences for 20 years now without making it old, which is commendable. i made this shrine because i love their music, music videos, and band photos!

circa 2004. those were the days!


franz ferdinand are a scottish rock band, perhaps most well-known for their undeniably catchy earworm "take me out" from 2004. saying they launched into fame from one song would basically sum up exactly what happened.

the original lineup consisted of alex kapranos (lead vocals, guitar), nick mccarthy (rhythm guitar), bob hardy (bass), and paul thomson (drums). nick left in 2016 to focus on his family while paul left in 2022 due to personal circumstances (paul i miss you ToT). the gaps were filled by julian corrie aka miaoux miaoux (keyboards, guitar), dino bardot (guitar), and audrey tait (drums). they are still experiencing great success after all these years, and released a greatest hits album in march! it contains their finest bangers, so i highly recommend listening to it to the unfamiliar and the seasoned fans alike.

music videos

the music videos for franz ferdinand have a joyously uncanny quality to them that is so unique to them. if you're looking for a deep cut, perhaps consider watching this...

some of my personal favorite videos (though once i watch one, i gotta watch 'em all...) are to the right! evil eye is an homage to old b horror movies, with extra emphasis on the grotesque, albeit clearly fake. this fire is inspired by soviet constructivism and propaganda, which makes it aesthetically pleasing to the eye. and that isn't saying anything about how alex kapranos looks *eyes emoji*. glimpse of love and darts of pleasure are prime examples of what franz ferdinand's videos vibes are: abnormal, slightly off-kilter and disjointed, but a lot of fun!


the photos of franz ferdinand are... so different from most bands. strange. interesting. the opposite of what you would expect from a band of guys who make music for people to dance to. the chaotic energy of their photos is just something else entirely. below are some photos that i particularly enjoy (including alex kapranos wearing eyeliner because WOW that sure was something).

their first photo taken as a band :-)

the end

uhh i think that's all i have for now... i'll probably expand on this more at some point and add a section with pictures of my collection. thank you for checking this page out! ^^